Lesson info

Please contact to inquire about lesson rates. They typically vary between €35 and €80 per session (according to availability, age, level, lesson time and location).

– For some students I charge a fixed semester fee in advance at the beginning of each half of a year. Others Pay as they go

1st half, from Januari to June, will consist of 20 (lesson) weeks
2nd half, from July to December, will consist of 16 (lesson) weeks
That’s a total of 9 months per year. School vacations and/or business trips will make up the 3 remaining months not being billed. These can potentially be used for classes that need to be rescheduled
– An invoice will be send at the beginning of each block with the 20 or 16 lessons. The exact dates will be adjusted per student.
Cancellations on my side will be either rescheduled ( on another day of the week, weekend, vacation day) with make-up credit in the same semester, or they can appear as a discount in the next one. Students will have up to 48 hrs to cancel/reschedule a lesson, up to 3 times per semester. These cancelled lesson will be handled as my own cancellations, so either rescheduled or discounted from the next semester
– If you wish to pay the fixed semester course price in 2 or 3 installments ( or whatever fits), you can freely do so with no extra charge.
– If you happen to know at the beginning of a semester that you won’t be attending lessons for more than a month just let me know at the beginning of the block. I’ll take it into account and subtract the missed lessons from the total course price. This will not be possible anymore though once the block has started.
-The lesson fee, once paid, is not refundable and the credit paid for expires at the end of each block.

I do also set up special courses, short span lessons and workshops of fixed durations. For people spending the summer in Amsterdam or company offsite meetings.  Subjects and goals are set up in accordance with the student/participants. These special lessons have to always be paid upfront and additional fees might apply.


Bank account : NL24 ABNA 0438 8969 98 ,  account holder J.J. Rojer

BIC(bank id):ABNANL2A

BTW : 2311 44507 B01

KvK  : 553 972 39