I got me a very nice gift!

One of the many great things about traveling to Curaçao is all the interesting people you run into and end up talking to, often in very casual and informal settings. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting big label producers(yes you B), world renowned artists, actors, you name it, at beach BBQ’s or just sitting around in half empty bars. On my last trip there, in December 2017, I found myself chatting for 2 nights in a row at Miles Jazz Café, over some good Caribbean rum, with a drummer called Trevor Morais, whom I had just met a few days earlier at a Jam session. Trevor is a great drummer who has played with everyone from Tina Turner to Björk and who for the last couple of years has been hiding from winter on our sunny island. On the second night, as the last shot of rum was being served, he told me that he had a (much coveted) vintage Fender Twin reverb amplifier sitting in storage somewhere in England. He hated the fact that the amp was not being played and asked me if I’d be so kind to accept it as a gift. The poor amp needed playing, or singing as he put it, and of course, I eagerly accepted. I’m immensely grateful for this act of kindness and after receiving the amplifier I immediately fell in love with “the” sound. It’s that classical Fender sound, so ubiquitous on albums from the last decades, that does it for me. So, pack your bags and go spend some time in Curaçao. One never knows who one might bump into there.